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Jindong heat transfer oil system oiling and use

  The pre-filling work and operation of the heat transfer oil system are the quality and safety guarantee of the heat transfer oil products and equipment. The correct use can meet the long-term stable and normal operation of the owner. Therefore, the following two points should be noted in the use of the heat transfer oil. (1) According to the characteristics of the whole heat transfer oil system, the following requirements should be made when oiling:

  1. Inspection before oiling

  a. Check the flange interfaces of the entire heat transfer oil system to see if there is any looseness. If this happens, deal with it in time.

  b. Check whether the system jacket system is broken or not, if it is processed in time

  c. Check if the flange is connected in place.

  d. Check the equipment and medium through which the heat transfer oil passes.

  e. Check the liquid level of the oil storage tank and the expansion tank. If there is liquid level, it should be treated in time.

  2. Preparation before oiling

  a, due to the system's oil pump can not meet the requirements, the new increase in oil pump

  b. Prepare the pressure and temperature resistant rubber tube of DN20 for connecting the newly added oil pump and oil filling port.

  c. If the oil is to be filled in winter, the steam should be prepared to heat the heat transfer oil to prevent the heat transfer oil from being too viscous to be injected into the system.

  3. Oil filling step

  a. Open the vent valve and system main pipe at the top of the expansion tank and the valves of each jacketed sleeve

  b, start the oil pump to start oiling

  c. Monitor the liquid level of the expansion tank at any time during the oil filling process, with the liquid level as the standard (not more than half of the expansion level on-site level gauge)

  d. When the expansion tank has a liquid level, check the heat transfer oil system pipeline to see if there is heat transfer oil leaking from the system. If there is heat transfer oil leaking, stop oiling, dispose of the leak point, and continue to fill the oil after checking after processing.

  e. Check the system piping to see if the heat transfer oil flows down. If there is no oil flow, open the drain valve next to the heating furnace to discharge the air. When there is oil flowing out, close the valve.

  f. When the liquid level of the expansion tank is stable, stop the oiling

  g, open the heat transfer oil circulation pump, so that the heat transfer oil fills the entire system

  (2) Instructions for normal use of heat transfer oil

  1. Cold transport: Confirm that the exhaust pipe valve at the top of the expansion tank is in the open state, turn on the circulation pump, check whether the oil pump circulation direction, pressure and liquid level are normal, and check whether there is oil leakage. Keep the cold oil circulating for more than 1 hour to drive out the residual air in the system to ensure no gas residue in the system and ensure smooth operation of the system.

  2, oven: After the cold transport confirmed that there is no problem, the hot furnace can be ignited to heat the oven. It is required to use wood fire baking, the heating rate is controlled at 10 ° C / h, and should not exceed 100 ° C, the oven time should not be less than 72 hours.

  3. Dehydration: After the oven confirms that there is no problem, it can be heated and dehydrated by adding coal. Open the system dehydration line valve, (consider adjusting the safety valve, after the water is removed), raise the temperature to 100 °C at a heating rate of 10 °C/10 minutes, and slowly increase the temperature to 100---120 °C. The dehydration process, the exhaust pipe at the top of the high tank, there will be vapor discharge (condensed into water beads), the dehydration time depends on the actual situation (generally not less than 8 hours), can not speed up the process, so as not to cause fuel injection . The temperature is raised to 120--150 ° C. At this time, it has entered the stage of trace moisture contained in the drive system and the heat transfer oil. At this time, it is not suitable to raise the temperature, and the temperature should be kept constant, and the temperature should be slowly increased to completely discharge the water. After confirming that the dehydration is complete, close the system dewater line valve (replace the safety valve).

  4, light off: After confirming the dehydration is completed, slowly heat up to 180--200 ° C, to remove light, (this time can not be too fast temperature rise, should also note that there may be light components exist), watch temperature, pressure, If the oil level is normal, after confirming the correctness, slowly increase the temperature to about 240 to completely remove the light.

  5. Normal operation: After confirming that the above steps are correct, raise the temperature to the actual process required temperature, check whether the system works abnormally, and after confirming the error, close the valve of the exhaust line on the expansion tank.

  6. Normal parking: After receiving the parking instruction, extinguish the open flame until the furnace temperature drops below 200 °C; when the oil temperature is lower than 80 °C, the circulation pump can be stopped.

  7. Emergency stop: When there is a power outage or other external reasons, when it is necessary to stop the furnace urgently, the burning coal cinder should be quickly taken out, the flame is quickly turned off, and the oil drain valve of the cold oil replacement system is turned on to allow the cold oil in the high level tank. Flow through the furnace tube to the lower tank, reduce the temperature inside the furnace, and ensure that the heat transfer oil will not cause cracking and coking due to local overheating.

  Note: For every 100 °C increase in heat transfer oil used by Jindong Company, the volume expansion is 7-8%. Note that the oil storage in the high and low tanks is moderate.

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