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Jindong Company Joins Sinochem Group's Sustainable Supply Chain Partner Network Initiative

  From October 15th to 16th, Sinochem Chemicals Co., Ltd. held the first Sustainable Supply Chain Supplier Forum in Shanghai, and jointly launched the “Sustainable Supply Chain Partner Network” initiative with Sinotrans East China Co., Ltd. on the forum. The upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry jointly promote sustainable development. This is the first sustainable supply chain partner network in China's chemical industry, injecting new momentum into the sustainable development of China's chemical industry. Jindong fully agrees with the initiative to pursue the concept that the customer is God and the supplier is a brother, fully realizing sustainable development. Jindong Company was invited to participate in the forum and actively responded to the initiative by signing the Supplier Code of Conduct to join the Sustainable Supply Chain Partner Network initiative, stating that it will abide by the Code of Business Conduct, adhere to legal compliance, and continue to implement sustainable development. idea. More than 20 well-known companies such as Sinopec, PetroChina, Wanhua Chemical, Honeywell and Shenhua were present.

  With the theme of “cooperation, sharing, social responsibility and sustainable development”, the first forum promoted and publicized the basic concepts and contents of the sustainable supply chain construction, corporate social responsibility and HSE management system of Sinochem Chemical Industry Department. With the development trend and future prospects of the continuous supply chain, Jindong has the honor to become the representative of many Sinochem suppliers and sign the Supplier Code of Conduct with Sinochem.

  Jindong's products mainly involve the chemical manufacturing of new materials and new energy. Jindong's thermal media products and technologies are widely used in global solar thermal power generation and all high-temperature heat media fields. It is a national strategic emerging industry and is the world's three major light. One of the manufacturers of thermal power generation. Jindong Company will continue to meet the challenge, promote the development of the enterprise with the contribution rate of science and technology, strive to build the famous brand of the enterprise, and strengthen the national brand. Jindong will increase investment, develop rapidly and advance rapidly according to the requirements of this goal.

  Jindong always takes the general idea of General Secretary Xi’s “One Belt and One Road” as the development orientation of the enterprise, realizes the ideal of Jindong’s strength, can go out, dare to enterprising, establish a new image of private small and medium-sized enterprises, and will, as always, not forget the original heart. Solid technical quality to establish a century-old national brand, together with the domestic hot media colleagues, together with the vast number of hot media customers and friends, together with the people of the country, to make a lifelong effort to achieve the great Chinese rejuvenation dream.

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