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Chinese Dream, Jin Dongzao

  China's high-temperature heat-conducting oil market, ten years ago, was dominated by foreign brands. At that time, the market price of domestic high-temperature heat-conducting oil hydrogenated terphenyl was maintained at a height of about 60,000 yuan per ton. Many users are because of this high oil price. Carrying heavy burdens, greatly weakening the ability to compete with foreign countries in their industry;

  However, the Chinese are making unremitting efforts. Beijing Yantong, Zhongneng, Jindong, etc. have insisted on the localization of the heat medium. They have paid a tremendous amount of effort, and this effort has not been in vain. See 2016 and 2017. The domestic market price of hydrogenated terphenyl is only about 20,000. This is the rise of national brands. Under the same height of quality and after-sales, foreign brands have to passively put down their previous attitudes. It can be said that the production of domestic high-temperature heat-conducting oil The business has made a remarkable contribution to the realization of the Chinese dream. Here, we should thank the Zhejiang Huaxin Technology Group and many other user companies that support domestic oil. They have also made efforts to revitalize the national brand, but they have to point out some domestic While enjoying low prices, user companies insist on supporting foreign brands. Of course, this is a market economy. Customers can choose freely. However, the phrase "we still believe in foreign brands" completely reveals its determination to run counter to the Chinese dream. ...

  In the past few years, the domestic high-temperature heat-conducting oil enterprise has developed rapidly with the support of the conscience enterprise with the same Chinese dream. It has developed and improved many high-temperature oils, among which the quality of the gas-phase heat transfer oil---biphenyl-diphenyl ether Has been in an absolute leading level, sulfur and chlorine content is less than 5 PPM, phenolic zero content, gas phase temperature of 400, product purity of more than three nine! Fully meet and exceed solar energy in the solar thermal industry

  The heat medium requires that the national solar thermal power generation project has kicked off. The domestic heat medium will face the imported heat medium with high quality and low price! The people of the whole country are dreaming of China, I am also dreaming, dreaming that domestic oil is completely defeated by quality and price. Foreign brands provide low-cost, high-quality heat-conducting oil to users. After maximizing the benefits for these enterprises, let them compete with foreign brands in their industry. This kind of virtuous cycle, the Chinese dream will come sooner or later!

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