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Diphenyl ether

  Diphenyl ether, which is a colorless crystal at room temperature, has aroma of geranium oil, insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents such as alcohol, ether, acetic acid, benzene, etc., crystallization point is 26.7 ° C, boiling point 259 ° C, flash point 115 ° C, relative density of 1.086 (20 ° C).

  Product Usage:

  1. Mainly used as heat transfer oil

  A mixture of biphenyl diphenyl ether obtained by mixing 73.5% diphenyl ether with 26.5% biphenyl, also known as "Daosheng", is a high-quality organic heat transfer oil widely used in various industrial sectors. At present, as a good heat transfer and heat storage working medium in photothermal solar energy, it has become an important guarantee for realizing long-term stable power generation in the photothermal power generation industry, with good thermal stability, oxidation resistance and heat transfer efficiency. Has been trusted by many light and heat companies.

  2. Used as a spice

  Diphenyl ether has aroma of geranium, which can be used after being properly blended with other substances, and is used in perfume ingredients of flavors, soaps, cosmetics, detergents and other hygiene products.

  3. Organic synthetic raw materials

  It can synthesize high temperature resistant diphenyl ether resin, and is also an important raw material for manufacturing rubber, surfactant, flame retardant, foaming agent and the like.

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