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Biphenyl diphenyl ether

  The biphenyl diphenyl ether mixture heat transfer oil is a thermally stable high gas/liquid dual-purpose high temperature synthetic organic heat carrier composed of a eutectic mixture of 26.5% biphenyl and 73.5% diphenyl ether. It can be used as a liquid phase heat transfer oil, or it can be used as a gas phase heat transfer oil in the temperature range of 257 ° C to 400 ° C by its evaporation - condensation characteristics, and is widely used in the CSP solar thermal power generation industry and the chemical fiber chemical industry.

  Excellent thermal stability, a synthetic heat transfer oil with excellent thermal stability and low viscosity characteristics, which provides effective, reliable and consistent performance over a wide temperature range of 12 ° C to 400 ° C; Low vapor pressure, biphenyl-diphenyl ether mixture heat transfer oil at its high temperature vapor pressure is quite low, the saturated vapor pressure is slightly greater than 1Mpa at 400 °C. .

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