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About us

  Shexian Jindong Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. is located in the old revolutionary area of ​​Hexian County, Hebei Province, the junction of Jin, Yu and Yu. It is a comprehensive production enterprise with professional heat medium manufacturing and fine chemicals as the main body. It was founded in August 2005 and officially put into operation in 2006. The existing fixed assets of 180 million yuan, more than 120 employees, 20 engineering and technical personnel, the company's organizational structure is perfect, the technical force is in the forefront of the industry, the workforce is stable. For a long time, enterprises rely on their own strength, self-development, independent investment in research and development, optimization and technology to change biphenyl-based hydrogenated terphenyl, biphenyl diphenyl ether environmentally friendly new energy products.

  The company has a number of patents, including 2 invention patents and 8 utility patents. In 2019, it applied for two invention patents and 6 practical patents to establish an A-level R&D center. It is the only country in Hebei that exports its heat-conducting oil production technology. In recent years, the company has passed the three certifications of national quality management, environmental management system and occupational health system, and won the pilot of intellectual property rights, high-tech enterprises, civilized and honest enterprises, and China leader. Brand enterprises, advanced collectives, Hebei service outsourcing demonstration enterprises and other honorary titles. Jindong Company will never forget the original heart. As always, it will establish a national brand with solid technical quality and obtain the title of famous brand product in 2018. In 2019, the company is recognized as a “high-growth” enterprise and a “specialized and special” enterprise. .

  With the market demand and the development of the company, in 2019, the company and South Korea's CNPC Goldman Sachs Co., Ltd. jointly registered the company, and the products are mainly new materials for photothermal heat medium. The production technology is independently developed by Jindong Company. The total investment of the project is 320 million yuan, and it is declared to be the key project of the province and city in 2019. It laid the foundation for creating a new material industry zone for light and heat. At present, Jindong Company has signed a 5,000-ton heat-conducting oil purchase agreement with China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry (for western thermal engineering) and signed a 20,000-ton supply agreement with Saudi Arabia, which is in line with the national One Belt and One Road strategy. Recently, Jindong Company is working with China. Aerospace Shanxi Shenzhou Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd. conducts overall procurement business negotiations. Jindong always takes the general idea of ​​General Secretary Xi’s Belt and Road as the development orientation of the enterprise, realizes Jindong’s strength, can go out, dare to enterprising enterprise ideals, and establish a new image of private small and medium-sized enterprises.